Details for our Guest in April: Léa Selley

 Léa Selley is ROARING into town on her US Tour and we are one of her stops!  This is the first time we are lucky enough to snare her in our net - and she's going to give us not one, but TWO great opportunities to join her for some fun and a whole lot of creative learning.  We are also delighted to announce that we have found a new "home base" for our meetings -- so read on and be sure to mark your calendars....you won't want to miss all of our future activities

 Léa Selley  Festivals and Fairs
Free to Current Members

Walk-Ins warmly welcomed  $20
March 5, 2014
Doors open 6:15
Class Starts 7 pm
Parsippany Rescue & Recovery Center
100 Centerton Dr
Parsipanny NJ 07054
Léa Selley will be on hand at our March 5th NJFABAG Guild meeting to bring us into the world of painting at Festivals & Fairs.  She will share her wealth of knowledge; her do's and don'ts; and some of the designs she has perfected in festival settings.  

See Léa's post on our Facebook page.

BIO- Lea Selley

If you want to really get experience face painting then setting up a face painting booth at a festival is the perfect outlet for your creativity. I started my face painting career in living room birthday parties and then large corporate events.... but the Comic Conventions were calling my creative spirit!  I set up my first booth at the Calgary Comic Expo and for the past 5 years I try and outdo myself.  Last year I had custom back drops, tables, multiple TV monitors playing video content of me face painting, print materials, matching face painting stations, awesome bold menus.... 
It is pretty much The Ultimate Face Painting Booth!!!  Not only do I have experience setting up my own booth but I also know how to stand out when there are multiple face painting booths at the same event.   I have worked for two years at the Texas State Fair painting alongside artist such as Christina Davidson, Mark Reid, Wiser Oner, and Saskia Timmermans to name a few.  This was a fast paced, highly competitive environment - what a thrill!  Working as a painter in a booth is a great place to get work experience as you have to learn to paint fast and really well!  

I also have extensive experience body painting at adult events such as Sturgis Bike Rally working with Mark Reid, Lawren Alice and Wiser Oner, a little different environment than children's festival lineups but pretty much the same principles apply - paint hard and fast, keep the lineup happy.... and if you have fun you will definitely get a tip!

I look forward to meeting you at the No. NJ Guild and in my Workshop!

Graffiti Eyes - Hands-On Workshop
March 6-Thursday  10-5 p.m.  
Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Kit included!

Graffiti Eyes are incredibly beautiful, Fast & Fun-to-paint makeup designs that you can use to rock-out 'Tween' and teen  birthdays, compliment body paintings, present yourself in a glamourous way, and accessorize  the faces of mature women looking for a night out with lots of attention! 

In this 1 day workshop you will have the hands-on opportunity to learn:
- How to use different stencil elements and patterns
 - Colour combinations that always look great together
 - Instant blending secrets so you can paint faster 
- Sponge, paintbrush and stencil layering techniques
 - How to incorporate stencils into face painting designs you ALREADY know! 
- Fast Fun Festival designs for children - Business Setup, marketing, backdrops, banners and more!
Class fee includes a free set of exclusive stencils designed by Léa to create these mini masterpieces.

Léa has provided us with a fantastic document showcasing her work & listing everything you will need for class.   If you are interested in joining us please drop us an email and we will send it out to you right away.

Class Fee:  $125
Thursday, March 6, 2014
Time:  10- 5 p.m. Set up at 9:30 a.m.
Location:  Bella Faccia Studio
 11 Chelsea Drive, Randolph NJ

Contact Diane Spadola regarding PAYMENT to hold your spot: (973) 252-9140     Email her here
You can also register online through Léa:    HERE

A $______ SAVINGS!

Once in a Lifetime experience to learn from this fabulous and energetic instructor.  COME Have Fun with US!

Class is open to everyone (you do not have to be a Guild Member to attend)
Space is limited - reserve your spot today.

learn more about Léa & her amazing work on her website: The Tattooed Lady
And be sure to like our Facebook page to keep up with everything happening at the NJFABAG
Don't for get to mark your calendars and join us for a colorful & creative experience.

  SIMPLE AND ELEGANT for Grown-ups



Graffiti Eyes Stencil Kit

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