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The North Jersey Face and Body Art Guild is an organization with the main focus on continuing education for face and body artists. It is not required to be an experienced painter, as our classes will teach the beginner to the advanced. We will keep all members up to date with the latest in our industry. We will teach all aspects of face and body art.

Disclaimer – No Jersey Face and Body Art Guild will hold events where body painting or partial nudity might be part of these evens and it will be up to each member to attend or not. Members will be notified when these events will take place, no one under the age of 18 will be allowed to be present at these specific events, unless accompanied by a parent and an experienced body painter – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Our Guild Goals are:

  • To help each individual develop their own individual talent
  • To help inspire creativity
  • To provide the most up-to-date techniques to enhance each individual’s skills and business
  • To provide an organization for each individual to network, improve confidence, and create bonds to last a lifetime
  • To ensure that each individual is using the safest makeup on the market in their business and that acrylic paints or anything other than approved makeup and glitter are not used
  • To provide continued growth both for business and self To host Jams to practice new techniques and learn about new products

Membership Benefits:

  • One or more classes per month – 2nd Wednesday (unless weather or family emergency)
  • Discounts on classes with paid teachers when possible
  • Networking and business building
  • Face and Body Art Jams
  • Membership Directory Guild
  • Website (in 2010)
  • Opportunity information (local, national and international)
  • Makeup and supply resources
  • Fellowship & friendship

Code of Standards:

  • FDA-recommended face and body paints, glitter and prosthetics
  • Never paint on an open wound, over a rash, or if a person is ill.
  • Do not trade used products unless thoroughly cleaned.
  • Obtain continuing education to enhance your own performance and build your skills
  • Always maintain a professional attitude, appearance and demeanor
  • Use common sense to avoid problems
  • Never speak in a negative manner about another artist to a client or a prospective client

The Guild’s Membership year starts from the day you join. Cost for a yearly membership is $50.00 per person. Non-members attending classes will be charged a minimum fee per class.


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