Northern New Jersey Face and Body Art Guild
By Laws  and Charter

The No. New Jersey Face and Body Art Guild is an organization with the main focus on continuing education for face and body artists. It is not a requirement to be an experienced painter, as our meetings and events will inspire, encourage, and enhance the skills of the beginner to the advanced. We will keep all members up-to-date with the latest techniques in our industry. We will teach all aspects of face and body art.

Disclaimer – The No. New Jersey Face and Body Art Guild will hold events where body painting and partial nudity might be part of these events and it will be up to each member to attend or not. Members will be notified when these events will take place, no one under the age of 18 will be allowed to be present at these specific events, unless accompanied by a parent and an experienced body painter – NO EXCEPTIONS. This type of meeting will be professional and held in good taste.

  • To help each individual develop, realize, and appreciate their own style
  • To help inspire creativity and challenge the artist to grow
  • To provide the most up-to-date techniques in order to enhance each individual’s skills and business practices
  • To provide a structure of fellowship for each individual to network, improve confidence, and create friendships and/or mentoring relationships for the long term
  • To ensure that each individual is using the safest makeup on the market in their business and that
  • acrylic paints or anything other than approved makeup and glitter are not used
  • To provide continued growth both for business and self
  • To host jams in order to practice new techniques and learn about new products

Membership Benefits:
  • One or more meetings per month – 1st Wednesday (unless weather, emergency, or instructors’
  • schedule dictates otherwise). Access to photos, step-by-steps, and meeting notes if not present.
  • Discounts on classes with paid teachers when possible
  • Networking and business building
  • Invitations to face and body art jams
  • Membership Directory
  • Guild website and FACEBOOK page
  • Opportunity information (local, national, and international)
  • Makeup, supply, and conventions resource sharing
  • Fellowship and friendship
  • Other discounted product and workshops as negotiated

Code of Standards:

  • All members will use FDA compliant face and body makeup, formulated for use on the skin and only cosmetic glitters
  • Never paint on an open wound, over a rash, or if a person is ill. Do not trade used products unless thoroughly cleaned
  • Obtain continuing education to enhance your own performance and build your skills
  • Always maintain a professional attitude, appearance, and demeanor
  • Never misrepresent another artists’ work as your own, unless a release was provided by that artist for your use
  • Never speak in a negative manner about another artist to a client or a prospective client
  • Consider yourself a role model for the children and adults we entertain: don’t smoke, drink, or swear in the presence of a child

The Guild’s Membership year starts from the day you join and continues to the last day of that month, a year later. Cost for a yearly membership is $50.00 per person. Non-members attending meetings will be charged a guest fee, a portion of which will go the visiting instructor. Please see accompanying fee schedule.

Northern New Jersey Face and Body Art Guild
By-Laws and Charter

Article 1, Identification

Section 1, Name

The name of the organization is “Northern New Jersey Face and Body Art Guild, founded in October of 2010, in Secaucus, NJ.

Section 2, Principle Address

The principal address of the above said guild is 11 Chelsea Drive, Randolph, NJ 07869.

Section 3, Purpose

The purposes of the guild are to preserve and improve the profession and techniques of face and body art. To promote goodwill in the community and good business by educating members and non-members regarding the use of safe products and good hygiene; as well as, ethical practices related to the business and art of face and body decoration. Further, the guild strives to encourage networking and mentoring among artists, inspire new and young artists to develop their creative skills, create a home for networking opportunities, build confidence and encourage friendships.

Section 4, Website

The location of the guild’s website is http://njfaceandbody.com with information for prospective members, the upcoming schedule of meetings and activities, contact numbers for questions or concerns, and other resources or information of interest to the membership. Members will decide and agree to have their information posted or linked to the guild website.

Section 5, Dissolution

Upon the dissolution of the organization, assets shall be sold/donated or distributed via consensus of the Executive Committee, only after paying all debts and liabilities of the guild.

Article II, Membership and Meetings

Section 1, Membership

The Guild encourages potential members to attend at least one meeting prior to joining. All prospective members must submit an application that provides personal and identifying information in truth. Applicants must read and agree to the goals and standards of the Guild. An applicant is not considered a member until they have completed their application and submitted payment for the annual membership. Please
see the accompanying fee schedule.
Membership will be cancelled if:
■ A member has not paid their dues for renewal
■ A member willfully breaks standards of the Guild, as determined by the Executive Board.

Section 2, Member Privileges

Members shall receive a member card that shall entitle them to negotiated discounts at participating businesses and conventions.

In addition, members shall receive a member directory, access to the web site, invitations to competitions (that may include certificates, prizes and awards), links to the guild website if desired, and business opportunity information and resources. The Guild welcomes photography of design ideas but to minimize disturbance of events, the instructor and/or meeting moderator shall determine where and when photos may be
taken. Photographs taken at Guild events, meetings, or jams may be used on the Guild website, Guild newsletters, or in Guild promotion. Individuals may not use these photos for display/publication/personal or business website including print material without the
permission or the artist and/or model. Misrepresenting someone else’s work as your own is grounds for immediate termination of membership without refund of dues.

Section 3, Junior Members

Junior members between 9-17 years of age may join for a full membership fee and receive the rights of all members in good standing, except the ability to hold office. Non-member guests that are under the age of 17 are invited to the meetings, according to the attached fee schedule, as long as they are not disruptive.

Section 4, Dues and Annual Increases

Dues shall be assessed on an annual basis. The Executive Board will (on an annual basis) will determine if dues need to be increased. All dues are to be paid to the Treasurer by cash or check the month a member joins the Guild. Any person whose dues are not paid shall not be considered a member in good standing and shall not be eligible for membership benefits and privileges. There shall be a $35 administration fee
accessed for any returned checks. There may be special workshops offered by instructors who are visiting our Guild. These workshops, held “outside Guild meeting times” are not covered by membership fees, but may be offered at a discount to Guild
members. These workshops may also be open to the public, and discounts for the Guild members are at the discretion of the instructor.

Section 5, Meetings
The Executive Board shall agree on the main location of monthly meetings, and shall designate the meetings to take place on the same day each month, when possible.
The Executive Board will meet at least two times per year, plus ad hoc, as necessary.  The Guild will meet at least once a month. All guild members must be notified of the meeting topic, location, speaker, and start time at least 10-14 days prior to the meeting,
except in the case of extraordinary circumstances or emergency. Notice of meetings will be accomplished via newsletter from our email service provider (Constant Contact), or direct email, US Postal service, or phone/text. In the case of a weather or speaker cancellation, the Guild website and FACEBOOK page will carry a notification.

Meetings will be conducted in an orderly fashion to be conscientious to instructors, members and guests. Instructors will be asked to provide objectives, and/or agenda items for their discussion points. Except for jamming times, the scheduled speaker/ instructor/moderator should guide the discussion and keep unrelated conversation to a minimum. Disruptive influences (cell phones, voiced conversations, unsupervised children) that detract from a learning environment, will be asked to leave, and rejoin at a later time.

Section 6, Voting

Issues before the Executive Board require a 2/3 majority vote. In the event of a tie, the President casts the breaking vote. Complaints or suggestions regarding Guild matters should be submitted in writing by a member for action by the Executive Board. The
Board will then handle this item at its next meeting, and if necessary bring the resolution before the Guild membership for a vote.

Article III, Founders/Governing Board

Section 1, Number and Authority

All affairs of the Guild shall be conducted, managed, and monitored by the Executive Board which is comprised of the following positions:

Education Coordinator
Publicity Manager
Membership Secretary
Recording Secretary
Technical support/Webmaster

Section 2, Appointments

Officers have agreed to serve for a year at the minimum:

President: TBD
Education Coordinator: Diane Spadola
Treasurer: Laura Donnelly
Publicity Manager: Jamie Saks
Membership Secretary: Barbara Beigel
Recording Secretary: Janice Ferguson with Maritza Aviles as back-up/photographer
Technical Support: Corinne Rodgers

Members of the Guild and of the Executive Board may be asked to serve in multiple positions as need be, or on committees such as: set up, clean up, games master, meeting moderator, and hospitality.

Section 3, Successors

If an Executive Board member chooses to step down from office it must be done in writing and presented to the Board if at all possible. No refund of dues is awarded to a retiring officer, or a departing member... even if membership ends inside of the year. In the event of an Executive vacancy, members may submit a letter of consideration for office to be voted on by the remaining Board with the President as the tie breaker. All
Guild members will be notified of any changes on the Executive Board. Every two years a nominating committee shall be appointed by the President, which will determine individual desires for continuing service, performance appraisal as an officer and identify new candidates for positions, in order to constantly provide officer opportunities to new members.

Section 4, Reimbursement

Any reasonable expense incurred for the benefit of the guild, including purchases of beverages, refreshments, prizes, workshops, training, paper goods, or paid promotion, must be approved in advance by the Treasurer and President prior to expenditure. Any expenditure of Guild funds, which exceed $150, and are not used for speaker expenses needs to be approved by a 2/3 vote of the membership.

Fee Schedule
This fee schedule is being presented for the 2013 calendar year and can be modified by a 2/3 vote of the Guild membership. Changes to annual dues will be instituted upon renewal of membership.

Annual Membership:                                $ 50

Guest Fees per meeting:                          $ 15

Visiting Instructor of a “Master level”       $ 20
            Instructor gets $15
            Guild administration gets $5

Honoraria for Instructors                         $ 150

Travel fee from outside of NY/NJ region       50

Junior Members under 17 years of age are welcome to attend meetings for a $5 teacher’s fee, and $5 administrative cost. If there is no outside instructor, we welcome the junior artist for a $5 guest fee per meeting.

Once a year, the Guild will host a “Friends and Family Night” where all guests may attend for free. This meeting will not feature an outside instructor, but will provide a “taste” of Guild membership for those interested in joining. Any friend and family member that chooses to join at that meeting will be required to pay the annual fee and their membership will initialize on that date, and expire on the last date of the following
month, one year later.

NOTES: Visiting instructors act as a recruitment tool for the Guild and allow the group to expand the membership. Therefore, each visiting instructor is promised a portion of the “gate,” if they bring in new people who are not members. This serves as a “walk-in” fee,
and the numbers of walk-in guests is likely to increase if the teacher promotes their own appearance. The base honoraria for instructors from the Guild budget is kept low, in order to sponsor as many instructors as possible within a year.

If a guest joins at a meeting featuring a guest instructor, they are required to pay the guest fee for the meeting, but the $5 administrative fee for that meeting will be applied to their annual membership (creating a 10% discount on membership). The new member is
not penalized, and neither is the instructor.

If the new member joins at such a meeting, their annual term will expire one year from the following month. Therefore, they get a month of membership for free... because they have in essence paid for a month of membership with their guest fee.

Non-members or guests may attend any other event, hosted by the Guild for an administrative charge of at least $5. Non-member fees for each meeting will be posted on the web site, and collected at the start of each meeting from the non-members.

Executive Board
Vendor Chair


Technical Support

Audio Visual


Set UP

Clean Up

Instructor Liaison


Recording Secretary

Potpourri Services

Holiday Party
Determines who can display at meetings and establishes operating guidelines for vendor wishing to sell to members

Track members, register new, renewals

(password, NJFABA); Facebook Page

maintain and store equipment for
videotaping and viewing

Facebook Page
Publicity Outreach to other guilds
Publicity Compose newsletter,
insure timely delivery, maintain membership database
in constant contact, create workshop flyers as necessary

at 6 p.m. Arrange chairs and tables and turn onthe lights, fan and AC

at 9:30 Put tables and chairs back, collect lost and found, empty trash...turn off lights,
fans, ac

Reserve speakers and arrange travel,budgets, workshops and more

maintains bank book, writes checks, makes deposits, collects fees and maintains attendance at start of meeting

Minutes and photos of past meeting, sent out within a week of mtg

identify resources and training for add-on
services to face and body art

Find location, determine food and drink
needs and budget, gifts, dancing, music,

Ricki Davidson

Barbara Beigel

Corinne Rodgers

Corinne Rodgers

Jaime Saks

Diane Ananian-
Casey,Tina Lanning

Janice Ferguson, Anne
Choudhry, Patti Meyer,
Laura Donnelly

Diane H. Spadola

Laura Donnelly

Janice Ferguson,
Maritza Aviles as

Janice Smith

Open  (TBD by October)

Current Term:
2013 - 2015

2013 - 2015

2013 - 2015

2013 - 2015

2013  2015

2013 - 2015

2013 - 2015

2013 - 2015

2013 - 2015

2013 - 2015

2013 - 2015

2013 - 2015


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