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Welcome to Northern NJ Face and Body ART Guild

Lake Parsippany Rescue & Recovery Center
100 Centerton Drive
 Parsipanny NJ 07054

What better time to join the No NJ Face and Body Art Guild.  As a member, attend all the meetings for free, receive monthly newsletters and reminders of upcoming events.  You get a step by step PDF of the designs painted at the meeting, should you miss an event, AND access to the members only section of our WEB site. We give out prizes, have contests and often raffle off convention registrations and gifts from vendors.  BUT you must be a member to win.  Non-members pay $20 per class for each meeting, unless other fees are specified.  But to join, it is only $75 per year, and your membership runs for 12 full months!  Why don't you join today? Lastly, you get the privilege of shopping from our vendor at 20-30% off of Mehron and Wolfe products.

February is FULL of FUN at the NJFABAG!

  • Guild Meeting Date - Wednesday February 3 "Using Your Stencils for Boy Designs"
  • Tuesday Feb 2 GLITTERICIOUS!!! Workshop
  • Wed Feb 3 Designing Themed Faces Workshop Sign up info - don't delay sign up today!
  • Bonus: Lunch & Learn with Lea
  • Membership Marketing Madness at the Meeting
  • Kapital Kidvention Meet Up
  • Save the Date...Jay Bautista is headed our way!

February is FULL of FUN at the NJFABAG! 

Greetings Artists!

As you know, the Northern NJ Face & Body Art Guild strives to bring our members (and guild friends) the very best our industry has to offer. Thanks to the area conventions this January - we've scored big!
We had a great turn out for Mark Reid's Pre-ECC visit with 2 sold out workshops & a packed house for our January meeting.

But we're not even CLOSE to being done! Thanks to next weekend's Kapital Kidvention we've been able to snag a return visit by the Tattooed Lady herself! Lea Selley will be on hand for our February meeting (plus 2 half-day workshops & a lunch n learn!) Don't get shut out - there's tons to cover --- READ ON! Please note the 2 workshops are BEFORE the monthly meeting.

Guild Meeting Date - Wednesday, February 3

Parsippany Rescue Squad
100 Centerton Drive
Parsippany NJ

Doors Open 6:15

For Set Up, Socializing & Shopping

Class starts at 7:00 PM

Meeting is FREE for current members, guests are welcome & encouraged to attend ($20 fee).

"Using Your Stencils for Boy Designs"

IMG 3764

The Queen of Graffiti Eyes & the Mistress of Masks returns to WOW us once again. This great class will enable you to have a ton of design ideas for those gamer kids that are not into superheroes or animals. Let the video game master help you out with new "tricked out" masks and eye designs for boys....or those crazy gamer girls.

Tuesday, Feb 2 GLITTERICIOUS!!! Workshop

Please note this workshop is the day BEFORE the Guild Meeting

Glitterlicious: Advanced glitter techniques using your stencils HANDS ON.

Students can be any level, any age, as can the "guests" that will benefit from this well coordinated approach to gaining impact with glitter! Good for special event make-up, mitzvahs, and sweet sixteens.

Tuesday February 2 1:00 pm til 4:30 pm

Bella Faccia Studio 11 Chelsea Drive, Randolph, NJ 07869

Class fee$75

Seating is limited, see sign up information below

Wed Feb 3 Designing Themed Faces Workshop

This half-day hands-on workshop is the same day as our meeting.

Designing your own themed faces with stencils!

Emphasizing placement, coordinating and contrasting colors, and high impact, Lea will teach you how to create your own crowns, eye designs and masks for any theme. You will be hands-on creating custom menu boards for your clients' just by tackling these simple design ideas. Rock n Roll, Valentine's Day and Candyland will be some of the themes we will be working with. Feedback from the instructor will insure you leave the class better than ever!

Wednesday February 3rd 12 Noon - 4 PM

Location: Bella Faccia Studio 11 Chelsea Drive, Randolph, NJ 07869
Class Fee $75
Seating is limited, see sign up information below.

Sign up info - don't delay sign up today!

Anyone signing up for both workshops will get a product gift from Lea!

EMAIL Diane to sign up, or PAYPAL her at: More info: 973-722-6122

Bonus: Lunch & Learn with Lea

Last but not least: Lunch and Learn with Lea,

Thursday February 4, 11:30-2 p.m.

Place to be determined (based on registrants). $50 includes lunch

"Maximize your business with your social media presence."

Lea will unravel the mysteries of Instagram, the new rules of Facebook and teach you how to post effectively to send prospects and clients to your web site. If you do not have a web site, this semi-private class is not for you. However, if you wonder how to get more web site traffic, how to get prospects to interact with you, or how to maximize the effectiveness of your posts, then please join us for an informal presentation and case studies over lunch. If you are currently using Facebook for business purposes and want to move into the Instagram arena....then join us. This lunch and learn will only be held if there is 5 or more participants.
Contact Diane at the number above for the workshops to sign up. Cash payment is requested at the event.

Membership Marketing Madness at the Meeting

In addition to Lea's fantastic demos at our meeting, we've also got a little marketing in store. In case you weren't lucky enough to make our January meeting, guild President Maritza Aviles-Santos requested that all members attending the February meeting bring a stack of their business cards with them. We will be assembling them into "decks" to be distributed back that night. It's a great way to network & get to know fellow members. (and you never know when you'll need an extra set of hands - or the help of someone who offers services that you don't). There will be a small gift for all who participate.

If you can not make the meeting, but would like to participate, please contact us so we can find a way to get your cards to us before meeting day.

Kapital Kidvention Meet-Up

Nothing formal is planned...but we've got a lot of members headed to KK next sure to be on the look out for fellow guild members in the jam rooms. Let's get together -- do a group photo -- make some NOISE (and great art.) We want to be sure that everyone at KK knows that the NJFABAG is "in the house" and that OUR GUILD ROCKS!!!
There's no better time to create some buzz & show people what a great organization we are. Who knows? We might even pick up a few members along the way. (and no one will ring the bell to make us hush, Cuz jam time is party time!)

Save the Date...Jay Bautista is headed our way!

IMG 3417

Guild Meeting March 2, Parsippany Rescue and Recovery,

"Tribals for Illustration"

Jay Bautista will teach how to draw well-known requests using only tribal lines! Butterfly, dolphin, shark, birds and more. This will help you with anyone looking for a hand drawn tattoo, or those boys and teens that are hard to please!

Workshop on Thursday March 3

"SYMMETRY: what it is, why it's important and how to achieve it"

Key to our efforts with masks, crowns, butterfly and fairy designs is making the two sides look identical. IT is NOT just is the perfect practice and Jay is the BEST teacher to learn it from. His "secret" recipe for symmetrical sponge and brush work, will make you a better painter IMMEDIATELY. You will not be begging your models to choose asymmetrical designs, nor be afraid of adding more detail to your design, for you might "mess it up." Perfect sponge blending techniques will be included along with lots of hands-on exercises.

"Irregulars" are fine if you are looking for a discount, but if you want to earn the big bucks, wow the guests with perfect symmetry and Jay will show you how!

$125 plus small cash fee for lunch. 1-7 p.m.


Save the Date: May 4, Guild meeting with Gretchen Fleener, and May 5 workshop on Realistic Painting Techniques.

Doors open at 6:15 for set up, shopping & socializing.

Parsippany Rescue Squad
100 Centerton Drive
Parsippany, NJ

Meeting is FREE for current members, guests welcomed for $20.

Save the Dates:

As dates of workshops get closer you will be able to register for courses.

This year we are going to experiment with some different timing on the workshops.  When possible to do so, Teachers will split their one day workshop into two half day workshops ($75 each) and they will be offered in the afternoon (1-4:30 p.m.), and then in the evening (6-9:30 p.m.) on the designated day.  Afternoon participants will receive a reduced price if they stay into the evening, and have dinner.  In this way, we can pick up those that have full time jobs, and those students who might be able to take a half day off, but not a full day.  It also give the instructor a chance to do some of their own work, in the morning after the guild.  


Bella Faccia Studios
11 Chelsea Drive
Randolph NJ

Contact Diane Spadola for deposit information to reserve your place in class. EMAIL: / 973-252-9140



The Northern NJ Face and Body Art Guild is over 50 members strong and growing. Our goal is to raise the standard of professional face and body art in Northern NJ. Diane Spadola founded this guild and has brought many talented and renown artists to teach and share their craft. 

 Thinking about Joining? 

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, at our new location: Lake Parsippany Rescue & Recovery Center, 100 Centerton Drive, Parsippany, NJ, 07054 unless otherwise noted. We meet ON THE FIRST FLOOR.  Park on the right hand side and come in the doors on that side of the building.

Non-members are welcome to meetings, clinics, workshops  or classes for a fee.  You may join the guild for only $75 for an annual membership. Annual junior membership (age 9 -17) is $50.  Most events are free to members. In some cases a nominal fee is required. 

TO PURCHASE a Membership using PayPal  CLICK HERE

More information: Guild benefits, goals and standards.

Our guild has hosted great instructors like:


Adam Ray,

Mark Reid,

Sharon Hodges,

Heather Banks of Silly Farm

Kurt Drake & April Powell of Wolfe FX

Margi Kanter

Val Daft

Allison Kenyon

Pam Trent

Jay Bautista

Kerry Ann Smith

Gen Keller

Marcela Murad

Anne Reynolds

Lea Selley

and many others


entative Schedule  ~   Mark your Calendars!    ~   Subject to change.

NOW with some other Important Dates to Save: (As with any event, schedules may change: please confirm with presenting organization. click on Agenda Tab for scrolling list format.

To Pay for Classes/Workshops or Memberships with PayPal:

be sure to identify your name

and the class or workshop

or membership

  Call Diane for more info:  972-252-9140.
Send us a photo of your 
best Face Paint!
email to


The regular guild meeting will now be on the First Wednesday of each month. 


Lake Parsippany Rescue & Recovery Center
100 Centerton Drive
Parsipanny NJ, 07054

Doors OPEN at 6:15 for SHOPPING, SETUP and Socializing  


find us on facebook

 A Note from our founder, Diane Spadola:


Thank you to all who have accepted a committee position.


Diane Spadola  



Like like like!!! Ditto to Corinne & Maritza this group! Love the people that I've met, love the educational opportunities, recognize that my face painting has improved as a direct result.
Happy weekend!

Patti                                                                                           Posted August 9, 2013

I have to admit, this is a really great bunch of artists and you are all so talented!!  I am thankful for you all willing to share your experiences and to teach your techniques!  I feel truly blessed!
Sharing the love,
Maritza                                                                                           Posted August 9, 2013

Hello fellow guild members:

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy being part of this group and meeting all of you. If you attended this past guild meeting you had a real treat! Freehand glitter tattoos are awesome. I had almost given up on my glitter tattoo business due to all the personal kits one can get and I found it a hassle to switch between the glitter and face~painting.

Now doing it free hand it will take the same amount of time and wow. The effects are splendid. Thanks to Diane for bringing Tal Thompson to NJ. And Kerry, Your work was magnificent. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Sincerely, with smiles and sparkles too,

                                                                                          Posted August 9, 2013

"wow.................what a fun night! 

I  enjoyed the talents of Kurt and April so much.  They were very informative as they painted.  I didn't want it to end. so thanks again for inviting them to our amazing group meeting."


More Testimonials  .  .  .    


~ ~
Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday
and a most successful new year!


Eye designs by Mark Reid that we learned at Bella Faccia Studio!


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