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Welcome to Northern NJ Face and Body ART Guild

Lake Parsippany Rescue & Recovery Center
100 Centerton Drive
 Parsipanny NJ 07054

What better time to join the No NJ Face and Body Art Guild.  As a member, attend all the meetings for free, receive monthly newsletters and reminders of upcoming events.  You get a step by step PDF of the designs painted at the meeting, should you miss an event, AND access to the members only section of our WEB site. We give out prizes, have contests and often raffle off convention registrations and gifts from vendors.  BUT you must be a member to win.  Non-members pay $20 per class for each meeting, unless other fees are specified.  But to join, it is only $75 per year, and your membership runs for 12 full months!  Why don't you join today? Lastly, you get the privilege of shopping from our vendor at 20-30% off of Mehron and Wolfe products.

Pashur is coming!!!!

March 11, 6:30 p.m.
Guild meeting at the Parsippany Rescue Squad, 100 Centerton Drive, Parsippany, NJ 

 PARTY CARICATURES Workshop at Bella Faccia Studio. $100 FOR CLASS.


Pashur At Canvas Alive's photo.


DAY: March 10, 2015 *** 1pm - 8pm (SOLD OUT)
DAY: March 12, 2015 *** 10:00 - 5pm (SOLD OUT)

VENUE: The home of Diane Spadola / 11 Chelsea Dr, Randolph, NJ

In this hands-on workshop for beginners, I will show you how to draw fun Party Caricatures. This is a great entertaining service to supplement your income.

In the first part of the class, I will cover supplies (paper, markers) and your set up (How to set up your easel, how to have the person sit, etc). We will cover everything you need to have a successful day of drawing party caricatures.
For the second part of the class, I will break down drawing the face into each of the caricature components - - Nose- Eyes- Eyelids- Mouth- Eyebrows- Ears- Cheeks - Chin- Freckles- Glasses
- Facial Hair- The Body- The Background Themes- The Name- Word Bubbles and their Captions.

For the third part of the class - We will cover dozens of funny themes such as beach scenes, sports, swimming, etc. I will show you simple tips, tricks and techniques to tailor the caricature to the person you are drawing. I will also be showing you how to draw ZOMBIE Caricatures - which are super fun!!!

Throughout this crash course, there will be lots of practicing in the class throughout the day. I will be there to help you fine tune your caricature drawing skills. You don't HAVE to have artistic talent to take this class, but it does help. If you have artistic skills you will pick up how to draw caricatures must faster. During the class, I will answer any Q&A regarding party caricatures and running a party caricature business.

CLASS SIZE: 10 people only
COST: Only $100.

RSVP & PAYMENT: Paying for this workshop secures your spot in the class. To sign up for the workshop, simply PayPal the workshop fee to me at:

- Caricature Paper
- Markers

- Sturdy Standing Easel (not a table easel) with a bar to set your drawing board.
- Lightweight Drawing Board with a Clamp (to hold the paper in place).
- Lots of extra permanent Black markers (Sharpies, etc)
- Pen & Paper (for taking notes)
- Camera

1) We will be practicing on each other in the class - No need to bring a model (so don't ask).
2) All caricatures will be done in black and white. No airbrush will be shown.

LUNCH: We will have a 1 hour break for lunch. Lunch expenses are on your own.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions, just email me at:

I look forward to seeing you there. :)


Pashur At Canvas Alive's photo.

Contact Diane Spadola for deposit information to reserve your place in class. EMAIL: / 973-252-9140

Students can copy the design that Pashur painted or create their own. Pashur will be there every step of the way so that you create a lingerie masterpiece that day and walk out with a portfolio worthy piece. Pashur will also give you tips and tricks for working with your model, as well as photographing them.

March 15, 2015

CLASS SIZE: 10 Students Max (There will be lots of one on one attendance, guidance and instruction)

COST: Only $100. If you want Diane Spadola to find you a model, there is an extra $25 charge so your fee would be $125. Please note there will be a $75 surcharge added if your model is a face or body painter as the class fee is for one student only

RSVP & PAYMENT: Paying for this workshop secures your spot in the class. To sign up for the workshop, simply paypal the fee to Pashur at:
Sorry - no refunds will be given if you have to cancel.

Bella Faccia Studios, 11 Chelsea Drive, Randolph, NJ

Additional details will be emailed to you if you sign up.

Up Next...April Showers us with Canadians!

(Former) Canadian SEAN AVRAM will be back at the NJFABAG for our monthly meeting & a workshop...and then Current Canadians - the Tattooed Lady herself - Lea Selley and her Graffitific husband Wiser will be dropping by for some fabulous workshops as well.

Save the Dates:

As dates of workshops get closer you will be able to register for courses.


January: Our meeting is moved to Monday, January 12, 2015, 7 p.m. FITNESS FACTORY IN ROCKAWAY, NJ. horse/unicorn demo (full face horse, cheek brony, pony side design, and side face zebra) Workshop to follow at the Bella Faccia Studio on Tuesday January 13. 9:30-4 p.m. "Nocturnal animals and other things that go bump in the night" (raccoon, fox, bear, lion, ogre, sugar skull, dragon, snake, and an owl) $125 Christina Davison: AMADAZZLE, Amarillo, Texas February: Our meeting is moved to accommodate Kapital Kidvention and will be held Wednesday February 11, 2015 at the Rescue Squad is Friends and Family Night: FREE to all attendees. Our own Guild members will present what they learned at the conventions in the previous three months, followed by Open Jamming.

March:   Pashur is coming, March 11, 6:30 p.m. Guild meeting at the Rescue Squad, 100 Centerton Drive, Parsippany, NJ      Workshops at Bella Faccia Studio: $100 FOR CLASS.  Party Caricatures Class on Tuesday March 10 (SOLD OUT) 1:00-8  p.m. and Thursday March 12 (SOLD OUT) 9:30-4 p.m.  LINGERIE CLASS added March 15,

April:  Fresh off the season 1 of Skin  Wars: Sean Avram Face painting at the Guild on April 8, and then body painting on Thursday, April 9, If interest is there, he will do a reptiles class on Friday, April 10.  Later  in April, the Tattooed Lady herself - Lea Selley and her Graffitific husband Wiser will be dropping by for some fabulous workshops as well.

May: Donna Nowak, Airbrush Master and maker of PROAIIR and DIPS will be to our meeting on May 6, then a follow on airbrush boot camp for the two days to follow:  Thursday, May 7 ($150) for beginners who do not have or haven't used their equipment, and Friday May 8 ($150) for those who have used equipment for tattoos only--focus on Face Painting with your airbrush. Both workshops for $250.

June: Denise Cold is here to answer all of your Starblends and show you how to repot them, how to blend them, how to paint on them and more, Wednesday June 3. First Workshop on Thursday will be Starblends for 3D effects, and One Stroke Masks with your rainbow cakes. You will need to know simple one stroke elements for this class. Two half day workshops: 1-4:30 p.m. $75. And one 6-9:30 p.m. $75. Both workshops for $125.

July: New Date: Shawna Del Rea will offer to us a class in extreme beauty tips and facial aesthetics on Wednesday, July 8 at the Rescue Squad, and then a one day class, Thursday July 9: Time TBA “The Art of Beauty, a fusion of makeup and face painting workshop” Then on Friday, July 10, Shawna is doing a Sugar Skulls Workshop Time TBA followed by the Guild Annual Pot Luck Barbecue. Come and Join US!

August: Tal Thompson of Art Factory and Ybody Glitter Tattoos, will be here on August 5 for a marketing class at the Guild Meeting. Then Thursday, August 6, 1-4:30 and 6-9:30 p.m. is HENNA DAY! Come learn all you can about this beautiful and relaxing art form!

This year we are going to experiment with some different timing on the workshops.  When possible to do so, Teachers will split their one day workshop into two half day workshops ($75 each) and they will be offered in the afternoon (1-4:30 p.m.), and then in the evening (6-9:30 p.m.) on the designated day.  Afternoon participants will receive a reduced price if they stay into the evening, and have dinner.  In this way, we can pick up those that have full time jobs, and those students who might be able to take a half day off, but not a full day.  It also give the instructor a chance to do some of their own work, in the morning after the guild.  


Bella Faccia Studios
11 Chelsea Drive
Randolph NJ

Contact Diane Spadola for deposit information to reserve your place in class. EMAIL: / 973-252-9140



The Northern NJ Face and Body Art Guild is over 50 members strong and growing. Our goal is to raise the standard of professional face and body art in Northern NJ. Diane Spadola founded this guild and has brought many talented and renown artists to teach and share their craft. 

 Thinking about Joining? 

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month, at our new location: Lake Parsippany Rescue & Recovery Center, 100 Centerton Drive, Parsippany, NJ, 07054 unless otherwise noted. We meet ON THE FIRST FLOOR.  Park on the right hand side and come in the doors on that side of the building.

Non-members are welcome to meetings, clinics, workshops  or classes for a fee.  You may join the guild for only $75 for an annual membership. Annual junior membership (age 9 -17) is $50.  Most events are free to members. In some cases a nominal fee is required. 

TO PURCHASE a Membership using PayPal  CLICK HERE

More information: Guild benefits, goals and standards.

Our guild has hosted great instructors like:


Adam Ray,

Mark Reid,

Sharon Hodges,

Heather Banks of Silly Farm

Kurt Drake & April Powell of Wolfe FX

Margi Kanter

Val Daft

Allison Kenyon

Pam Trent

Jay Bautista

Kerry Ann Smith

Gen Keller

Marcela Murad

Anne Reynolds

Lea Selley

and many others


entative Schedule  ~   Mark your Calendars!    ~   Subject to change.

NOW with some other Important Dates to Save: (As with any event, schedules may change: please confirm with presenting organization. click on Agenda Tab for scrolling list format.

To Pay for Classes/Workshops or Memberships with PayPal:

be sure to identify your name

and the class or workshop

or membership

  Call Diane for more info:  972-252-9140.
Send us a photo of your 
best Face Paint!
email to


The regular guild meeting will now be on the First Wednesday of each month. 


Lake Parsippany Rescue & Recovery Center
100 Centerton Drive
Parsipanny NJ, 07054

Doors OPEN at 6:15 for SHOPPING, SETUP and Socializing  


find us on facebook

 A Note from our founder, Diane Spadola:


Thank you to all who have accepted a committee position.


Diane Spadola  



Like like like!!! Ditto to Corinne & Maritza this group! Love the people that I've met, love the educational opportunities, recognize that my face painting has improved as a direct result.
Happy weekend!

Patti                                                                                           Posted August 9, 2013

I have to admit, this is a really great bunch of artists and you are all so talented!!  I am thankful for you all willing to share your experiences and to teach your techniques!  I feel truly blessed!
Sharing the love,
Maritza                                                                                           Posted August 9, 2013

Hello fellow guild members:

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy being part of this group and meeting all of you. If you attended this past guild meeting you had a real treat! Freehand glitter tattoos are awesome. I had almost given up on my glitter tattoo business due to all the personal kits one can get and I found it a hassle to switch between the glitter and face~painting.

Now doing it free hand it will take the same amount of time and wow. The effects are splendid. Thanks to Diane for bringing Tal Thompson to NJ. And Kerry, Your work was magnificent. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Sincerely, with smiles and sparkles too,

                                                                                          Posted August 9, 2013

"wow.................what a fun night! 

I  enjoyed the talents of Kurt and April so much.  They were very informative as they painted.  I didn't want it to end. so thanks again for inviting them to our amazing group meeting."


More Testimonials  .  .  .    


~ ~
Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday
and a most successful new year!


Eye designs by Mark Reid that we learned at Bella Faccia Studio!


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